FxPro supports the UN Refugee Agency in 2022

FxPro has been active in different CSR activities, either through charities or fundraising events. Our goal always remains the same, to strive to make a difference in people’s life, especially in times of need.

In 2022, in an attempt ease the situation of difficulties in the economy and society we choose to donate to UNHCR, a charity that works with partners on the ground to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees. Including food, shelter, medicine, and other lifesaving essentials for displaced communities.

Through this act we want to highlight the importance of ensuring that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find a safe home. We will always participate and encourage any actions that strive to help save lives and build better futures for millions forced to leave their homes.

In recent years we have shown our active support by donating to UNICEF, Red Cross, local and international hospitals etc. For us, acting in times of hardship, represents our ethical core and overall corporate entity.

We strive to continue our humanitarian and philanthrope acts and remain on our feet to provide our ongoing active help in the future.

Charalambos Psimolophitis
Ilya Holeu
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